Welcome To The Blog

From the time I was a young kid I loved movies. From vivid sci-fi to thrilling, drama filled action, my eyes stayed glued to the big screen. There were times when I’d rally my friends together and my backyard became a place where our imaginative stories came to life through the lens of a camcorder. As I grew, I began to notice different filmmakers and the talent they possessed. The way that David Fincher (The Social Network, Fight Club) used lighting, color camera angles to tell a story fascinated me. Wes Anderson’s (Moonrise Kingdom, Life Aquatic) unique, original creativity inspired me to be aim for the unusual. Stanley Kubrick (The Shining, Full Metal Jacket) because, well, he’s Stanley Kubrick. I knew that telling stories through film was something that I wanted to learn to do. So, at the age of 21 I began to work towards that goal by teaching myself the art of videography. 

The Social Network - David Fincher

The Social Network - David Fincher

Learning on your own is challenging and exciting all at once. Most of what I learned came from intently listening to friends more experienced than myself who already had a foot in the door of the industry, spending late nights watching tutorial video on top of tutorial video and a lot of trial and error. Seeing your own victories is rewarding, but experiencing your own errors leads to growth. It has always been crucial for me to see the ways in which I could have done something better. That lesson is something that I want to pass along to upcoming videographers who may be starting in the same position as I was. This leads me to my latest project.

After months of consideration, I am proud to announce The Blog. 5 years of experience in this field has allowed me many successes and many failures. Sharing what I’ve learned is something that I hope will aid other creatives like myself in finding their way to success. Primarily, each weekly post will focus on one of 4 things: business growth, a review of my favorite gear, my successes/failures or one of my finished projects. Each of these have been the pillars of my own personal success and my daily continuing growth. My hope is that aspiring videographers, clients and general readers will walk away from every blog post feeling encouraged and informed. 

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I want to also say, thank you for following along with me and encouraging me this far. Without my incredible network of support from family, friends and clients who have become like family, I wouldn’t be where I am today. When I set out on this venture, I never expected to have gained all that I have today. Knowing that not everyone has the opportunity to do what they love, with people they love as often as I do gives me the greatest sense of gratitude and that is a blessing that I will do my best to never take for granted. Here’s to the blog! Is there anything you’d like to see me discuss in the future?